the biggest secret in real estate...

They generated 111 calls using our 24/7 popular sign riders from people who would normally just drive by AND 86 calls from and Zillow FOR FREE, which is a HUGE improvement for them in number of calls.

Why are more people calling and/or texting using our Information Now technology?  Scroll up again and notice the language over the picture, " For Latest Pricing, Recorded Info and Pics 24/7"

That is the key! People prefer getting information that is free, 24 hour and recorded (non confrontational). In fact, notice the Actual Calls by Hour Report from the same 30-day period. You will see about 30% of the calls came in AFTER 5pm and BEFORE 8 am when most agents are not at their office or available to take calls.

With Information Now, they know they can call after hours so they do AND even if you don't call them right back, you will have a list of valuable leads to return the next day!

Which do you think gets more calls?

There's also lead Management...

We can also AUTOMATICALLY send the buyer an SMS/text message after calling, with a link including photos of your listing!

​Check out these 2 properties on 

INCREASED COMMUNICATION - Even if the buyer hangs up without saying a word, we can automatically text-message them a:

  • Personal message from you
  • Click to call link phone number to reach you, and 
  • a link to a video or a listing page for them to view photos of your listing. 

They LOVE to see photos of inside the home right from their cell phone! AND...every time the buyer clicks the link, it can send you a sms notification so you know their motivation and interest in the property!!Type your paragraph here.

but here's the secret...

No hardware, no software,  No activation fee, Nothing to install, No long term contract, 1,000 free minutes every month  - up and running 24/7 in 1-2 minutes​ and...even your own success coach that can script and record your listings, set up your extensions, direct connects and notifications and get you ready to generate more leads usually within 1 business day!


Get it for about $50 a month and even try it RISK-FREE for the next 30 days!

Top real estate agents nationwide have discovered a way to monetize the hundreds of millions of visitors top real estate sites like Zillow, and others get by embedding their Information Now toll-free number and text codes into property photos and then uploading them.

Just check out the Actual Marketing Source Report from one of our agents in a 30-day period​!

Impressed? We are just beginning!

Very eye catchy right? Buyers call/text this sign up to 300-400% more often than traditional real estate signs so they can either (1) text to see pictures of inside the house and/or (3) call the 800 number for Free 24 Hour Recorded Information on the property.  They can then​ directly connect to the real estate agent, leave them a voice mail message or received faxed information on the property...
All leads are also tracked on 8 real time reports, allowing you to track calls by :
•    Area Code (find hidden pockets of buyers and sellers) 
•    Date (find the best times to advertise)
•    Hour (to  better position your time)
•    Listing (which calls need more marketing)
•    Marketing Source (find best places for ads)
•    Result (improve ads to increase direct connects
•    Statistics (summary report by listing/or all listings
•    Marketing Effectiveness (determine the exact cost- effectiveness of ads
•    Average Call Length (to monitor recording effectiveness)
•    and more...
The time, date, property address, marketing source that triggered the call and caller's phone number have been automatically captured - even if they hang up instantly without saying a word, have an unlisted number - even if they have caller ID blocking!​ This information is than sent via email and/or SMS/text messaging right to the cell phone of the agent and/or lender  to follow up at the height of the buyer's interest!!

Oh... and how important is it to offer the ability to access property information by text and Text/SMS back to potential Buyers?

This is the Actual Calls by Result Report for that same 30 day period. Notice not only did about 10% directly connect to the agent for details right away, but everyone who called from a cell phone got an automatic SMS back message from the agent and OVER 60% CLICKED ON THE SMS BACK LINK TO VIEW THE ADDITIONAL IMAGES AND DETAILS!!!

Is hidden within this simple 8 x 24 real estate sign rider...
MANAGE - Access your contacts, create custom folders, set appointments, tasks and reminders, and access everything remotely from anywhere in the world using our integrated contact management system OR .you can even automatically forward leads to other CRM systems like Top Producer, Wise Agent, Salesforce, Follow Me Boss and many others.

Have you seen a sign like this?

There's also lead tracking...

Now for the BEST part!

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